Our vineyards

Our vineyards

Marani Sevsamora owns 7 Ha of vineyards.

Four Ha of vineyards are designed for the production of bio- wines and we applied for Bio- Winegrowing   and Winemaking Standards.  All guidelines for certification were successfully implemented. As a result of it in July 2019 CAUCASCERT granted us with Bio wine producing certificate. 

The practice of working in bio-vineyards is based on organic farming, which implies the use of only organic bio preparations and fertilizers.

Each hectare is cultivated manually according to the strict rules of organic farming.

By date in our vineyards we planted the following grape varieties:
Saperavi, Kisi, Khikhvi, Chinuri, Mtsvane, Tavkveri, Shavkapito and some rarities such as: Buza, Simonaseuli, Cabernet Franc, Danakharuli, Asuretuli Shavi.