Marani Sevsamora as a touristic facility

Just a few steps from the main facilities of Marani Sevsamora, there is a recreational area and demo vineyard with a collection of 50 rare vine species, where our guests are kindly welcomed to wine tasting and other related activities.

Marani Sevsamora as an educational and research center

Welcome to our wine museum to discover the local culture and traditions. Here guests are able to travel virtually into the world of Georgian wine from the very beginning of time to the present days.

Wine cellar, as well as wine tasting space, where professional wine degustation can be held and wine salon designed for different kind of meetings and most importantly for relaxing.

Marani Sevsamora invites you to experience wine tours and traditional Georgian grape harvest – Rtveli.
Both packages include additional activities and optionally can be accompanied with options by your taste and budget. 

Our marani offers the additional activities, such as:
    Making Churchkhela
    Baking Georgian bread in Tone
    Chacha distilling process
    Barbecue masterclass
    Lunch menu

advance reservation required