Bio Wine

The roots for the best classic, tradition or bio wines are based in the vines of the vineyard that is cultivated gently and in consideration of climate, soil and location. Variety and diversity ensure delight in more than just one dimension : three main rivers of Georgia, Tedzami, Aragvi and Mtkavri in compliance with high land zone of Zedazeni mountain). The wine gets its final touch in the cellar and thus its individuality – by the hands of the wine producers. Each of the wines are unique, special and unforgettable.

Classical winemaking

Classical winemaking techniques at Marani Sevsamora take no shortcuts and make absolutely no compromise on quality. We strictly adhere to the best winemaking practices and handcrafted winemaking methods. Every winemaking step is specifically tailored to each wine varietal for each year, and each red wine varietal is oak barrel aged for a great finish. Our methods and practices are the same as those employed by the best wineries in the world.

Qvevri Wine

Ancient Georgian traditional Qvevri wine-making method is practised throughout Georgia, but at Marani Sevsamora modern and traditional approaches are combined into an effective model that inspires to produce the wine with character, value, and passion. This we call “The art of wine”.


Georgina grape vodka –a Drink to Last One Thousand Years. First distilled over one thousand years ago, Chacha is made from grape pomace (the solid remains from wine production) and is a colourless, odourless, and potent (40% or greater alcohol by volume) beverage with a soft, refined, and rich taste. At Marani Sevsamora chief wine maker applies for a unique technology. Grape pomace is aging in qvevri (clay pot) and then it is transferred to French alembic for distillation; it develops soft, velvet and unforgettable aromas. With this method, Classical and Aged Chacha are produced. For aging French oak barrels are used.