Saguramo, Mtskheta
About us

About Marani Sevsamora

Marani (cellar) Sevsamora was founded in 2015. Profile of the cellar is diverse; it is not only a tourist destination, but also a well-developed educational and scientific research centre. The location of the cellar is very convenient, just about 30 minutes’ drive from the capital city Tbilisi, Saguramo district.

The main goals of Sevsamora Marani are:
  • # To support the development of viticulture and wine-making in Kartli region
  • # To support the development of organic viticulture and wine-making in Georgia
  • # To produce certified bio-organic products;
  • # To introduce the Georgian wine produced from rare grape varieties to the local and international market and, therefore, to promote the development of Georgian wine tourism;
  • Bio-Organic
    Marani Sevsamora is designed on 300 m2 area that is equipped with traditional qvevri (clay pots for wine maceration, fermentation and aging) and the brand new, modern technologies from Bucher Vaslin. The Year 2018 was the first but very productive vintage year for the company. Seven variety over 20 000 bottles of wines were produced by Georgian traditional method. The year of 2019 was the start up of classical and qvevri bio wine production. In 2020, due to the high demand for Qvevri-wines, its amount will be increased up to 45,000 bottles, 25 % out of which will be produced using bio-organic technology.
    A piece of history in your glass of wine